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Choco with artichokes

I hit artichokes

Choco, also called cuttlefish, is a large cuttlefish. It is a very healthy cephalopod because it provides protein, minerals, vitamin B12 and no fat. It inhabits sandy bottoms near the coast and feeds on mollusks, crustaceans and small fish, giving it a great sea flavor.

Today they had choco at the fish shop, they don’t usually have it often and taking advantage of the fact that I had bought some fantastic artichokes I decided to make a stew.


  • A big chunk of a kilo and a half or so
  • One large or two small sweet onions
  • A bay leaf
  • 6 artichokes


Usually, when we buy the choco, they clean it for us and we only have to wash it and chop it up. This time, they even cut it for me and I asked them to make squares (about 4 cm) because I was going to cook it. To fry it or grill it, cut it into strips. Anyway I pass you a link where it is explained how to clean it.

We have to take into account that, after that kilo and a half of choco, we are going to keep, after cleaning it, approximately one kilo. If you find a lot of it, don’t worry because what is left over may freeze for another day.

Once the choco is prepared, we chop the finite onion and poach it together with a bay leaf. We clean the artichokes by removing all the hard leaves, break them into very thin slices and add them to the poached onion and sauté. Next we add the choco and a little water about 250ml. We cover the fast pot, let the two rings rise and we have it for 7 minutes. When opening the pot we add the salt.

If we do not do it in the fast pot we will have to cook the choco for about 25/35 minutes, until it is tender.

It is very good accompanied by white rice and also with potato chips.

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