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Chipiron grilled with vinaigrette

I love preparing tapas, for today, I have prepared a chipiron grilled with vinaigrettebut I put it on top of bread

The recipe is simple to make, it only takes a little patience to fill the squid but the result is excellent.

Some of you may wonder that difference between squid and baby squid, well they are the same but the squid is the small squid.

Chipiron grilled with vinaigrette

Grilled chipiron ingredients with vinaigrette (4 people):

8 frozen baby squid (would weigh me about 1/2 kg)

8 slices of bread




For the Chipiron filling:

1/2 aubergine

1/2 onion

1/2 green pepper or one whole if it is small

2 tomatoes

1 clove garlic



Preparation of the iron chipiron with vinaigrette:

We clean the baby squid and reserve the tentacles and fins for another occasion. Only the body of the baby squid that we are going to fill will be used.

For the stuffing of baby squid:

Peel the aubergine half and cut it into several pieces, put it for a half with water and salt, to remove the bitterness. After this time we wash it and cut into small cubes.

Grilled chipiron stuffed with vegetables

Finely chop the onion, green pepper and garlic. In a frying pan we put oil and when it is hot, add the vegetables, season and let them go slowly, when the vegetables add the eggplant.

Chipiron stuffed with vegetables with vinaigrette

Grilled chipiron stuffed with vegetables

Let it cook for a few minutes and add the tomato cut into small pieces that we have previously peeled and peeled. We tried salt. Once it’s done, we let it cool down.

Grilled baby squid with vinaigrette

Chipiron grilled with vinaigrette

Fill the squid with the previous mixture, I have closed it with a toothpick. I have only filled the 2/3 of the baby squid, since when they are being made, the baby squid tends to reduce, so we could find that the filling will burst and come out.

Chipiron grilled with vinaigrette

In a frying pan I have put a little oil and when it has been hot, I have added the baby squid, season and I have been turning them so that they were made on all sides.

Chipiron grilled with vinaigrette


For the vinaigrette I have mixed, oil, vinegar.

I have cut the bread into slices, I have placed a baby squid on top of the bread and I throw it like a teaspoon of the vinaigrette. And to eat very hot.

Chipiron grilled with vinaigrette

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