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Chickpeas with salmon

Chickpeas with salmon and vegetables

They keep asking me for recipes for crisis, especially now that there is one month left for Christmas and I intend to take care of expenses so I can cook something extraordinary for these holidays. I love legumes and I think that cooked with little fat and lots of vegetables are a great food. This dish that I present to you has those legumes and vegetables, and in addition to the proteins of a small amount of salmon that we add. Today and to please my readers who ask me to adjust the budget, I am going to try to calculate the cost of the dish.


Look how nice the still life with such Spanish food!

All quantities are optional and to your liking you can vary them or exchange the vegetables for others:

a k. cooked chickpeas

200 g. diced salmon (take little salmon because it is only for taste.

a broken tomato

a pepper

half an onion

three cloves of garlic

oil (fourth glass or a dl.)

a packet of chard or spinach

about 200 g. of mushrooms (I like them small and whole, but you can cut it into sheets)

two carrots

four tablespoons of fried tomato

salt and a cube

Ingredient Warning:

The ingredients are all optional and you can use different vegetables. You can put a can of tuna or bonito and it will be just as good.

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