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Chicken liver pate

chicken liver pate

This chicken liver pate is a classic in my house. It is very easy and is done in no time. A sandwich at school tastes like glory, I mean from experience.


200gr of chicken livers

Two hard-boiled egg yolks

4 tablespoons of brandy




It is important to clean the livers well, removing any traces of gall that may have become attached as it would give the dish a bitter taste.

Once clean, we sauté them with a little oil. When they are well done, add the tablespoons of cognac so that they collect all the meat juices that are left in the pan.

Let it harden and put it in the mincer together with the two yolks and a little water (about two or three tablespoons) until you get the desired texture. My mother chops it and then crushes it with a fork, I do it with the mincer as I mentioned, it is faster.

Chop the chives very small and mix well. Add the pepper, freshly ground, to taste and add salt.

It is best to do it overnight and you have to take it out about 10 minutes before consuming.

It is very good spread on slices of toast with pickle.

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