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Chicken breast sandwich

We dined today chicken breast sandwich with green peppers.

The sandwich is a humble food that can be turned into a delicatessen.

The sandwich does not despise any travel companion: Serrano ham, sausage, omelette, chorizo, squid, tenderloin with peppers, chocolate, etc. Supports both hot and cold fillings.

As always, I hope you like it.

Chicken breast sandwich

Ingredients for the chicken breast sandwich:

Bread (that is to taste, you can do it with normal bread, baguette, ciabatta, etc.)

2 fillets of chicken breast filleted

A slice of cheese


1/2 green pepper




Making the chicken breast sandwich

We open the bread in half and spread it with the tomato

Chicken breast sandwich

We make the breast grilled with a little oil, which we will have previously seasoned, and when we turn it over, put on top of each breast, half the slice of cheese.

Chicken breast sandwich

While in another frying pan we fry the green pepper that we will have cut into pieces.

When the breast is there we put it in the sandwich, along with the green pepper and the sliced ​​tomato

Chicken breast sandwich

Another version of this sandwich, it is, we spread the bread with mayonnaise, cut the tomato into slices and fill it with the grilled breast with the cheese and the green pepper.

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