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Cherry cake

Cherry cake

Cherry and ricotta cake

Cherries seem to me a precious fruit; I always say that the Creator took great pains in certain works of nature; thus of the fruits, he paid special attention to achieving the perfection of the color, brightness and shape in the cherries, something that would predict the most sophisticated television image; of vegetables, he chose artichokes to show the superiority of natural symmetry compared to any human work; and of fish, he devised lobster to anticipate how design engineering could arrange the elements of an object or structure to enhance its beauty. With all these forms so perfect and finished, no painter could have dreamed. But in addition to the beauty itself of things, Ramón Campoamor, preceded by the pre-Socratic ones, stated that: “everything is according to the color of the glass with which one looks”, which implies relativism about almost all facets of life and I think that subjectivism It is closely associated with our way of thinking and feeling. Therefore, if you want to know what are those emotions that have made me have that passion for cherries, I refer you to some memories that explain the impact that this fruit caused me since I was a child (I refer you to this link).

This cake I present to you is half English, half Italian. The truth is that the English are unique in doing cakes, no matter what kind, or what frugal ingredients they use to obtain wonderful homemade cakes to accompany “a nice cup of tea”. Maybe the only flaw is that they are too tempting! The Italian of the recipe is given by the author of this cake, my admired Anglo-cancan Jul (from Jul’s Kitchen), who also took it from another recipe and, in addition to putting everything in it, all the passion of the Italian cuisine, use an ingredient such as ricotta cheese to lighten the dough and get a super easy (“all in one”) raspberry ricotta cake (“raspberry cake”), which I couldn’t resist since I laid eyes on it, although with my characteristic changes.

Since I had just bought some great cherries that were ripe and sweet, I decided to change the raspberries for cherries, which I also like much more. And I’m about to give you the recipe. I think next time I will do it with apricots, which are now at the peak of the season, and I will also try to change butter for oil, white sugar for brown sugar and flavor it with brandy or almond extract, two flavors that Apricots and peaches are like chocolate water; and with all these variations I will obtain a complete metamorphosis, which will undoubtedly give rise to a new recipe.


3 eggs
250 g of fresh ricotta
2 teaspoons (2.5 ml) vanilla essence
230 g flour
220 g of sugar
15 g yeast
1 pinch of salt
115 g of melted butter
200 g of cherries without the stones
(3/4 parts for the inside of the cake, and a quarter for the top).


1. Mix the eggs with the ricotta and beat them until you get a smooth paste:

2. Place the dry ingredients in another container to mix them well; Or you can dump the sugar, flour, yeast, and salt in the same bowl and make an “all in one”:

4. There you have it to amalgamate everything, and finally you add the cherry pieces until they are well incorporated into the mixture:

5. We have left to add the liquid vanilla and the melted butter and to beat just enough:

6. Once everything is well amalgamated, incorporate the cherries (three quarters) cut into two or three pieces:

7. You are now ready to place it in a 24 cm mold. and put the rest of the cherries on top:

8. You have prepared the mold lined with baking paper or silicone, and you sprinkle the leftover cherry on top:

9. Finally, you put it in a preheated oven at 180º and you have it for about 45 0 50 minutes:

10. And there you have a delicious piece, juicy and light, with its stumbling blocks of delicious cherries inside. A wonder of cake!


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