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Carrileras en salsa

Today I bring you a delicious recipe for la carrileras or carrilladas with a plum sauce.

The rails or cheeks are the jaw or chub of the animal, in this case I am going to make them from pigs.

The recipe for the carrileras in plum sauce is very easy and fast if we use the express pot.

Carrilleras recipe in plum sauce

Photo: elviolinnegro

Ingredients of rails in sauce for 4 people

4 boneless pork chops

1 onion, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

4 pitted prunes

1/2 glass of white wine

1 glass of water



Preparation of the lanes in sauce:

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In the express pot we put a jet of oil and when it is hot we put to brown the rails that we have previously seasoned on all sides and I have given some cuts to the meat.

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Add the garlic and the chopped onion. We let it take a little color.

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Carrilleras recipe in plum sauce

Add the white wine, water and the plums cut into small pieces. We season. We close the express pot and once the heat valve has risen we leave it for about 15 minutes.

I take out the rails and grind the sauce with the mixer, if it was very clear, thick with a little flour.

For this, once the sauce is crushed, I put it in the express pot or in a casserole, wait for it to heat up and dissolve a teaspoon of flour with a little water, which I add to the sauce, mix for a few seconds and add the rails . And I let it cook for a minute.

We can accompany the lanes with a garnish of fried potatoes.

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