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Cake chocolate

Cake chocolate

Chocolate cake with tangerine

Do you like to eat chocolate? Few words evoke more enthusiasm and even more memories than chocolate. I believe that chocolate is not only an elixir of happiness, but that the collateral damages, which have been attributed to it for so many years, have given way to innumerable benefits for physical and mental health. The Internet is full of pages on the advantages of eating a moderate amount of chocolate regularly, taking one of them at random, we would find the following benefits: it reduces the risk of having a vascular accident, strengthens the heart, contributes to the feeling of satiety It fights diabetes, protects the skin, calms the cough, lifts the spirits, improves blood circulation, improves vision and even makes you smarter.

It is also said that another consequence of chocolate is the amount of emotional associations it arouses and that may be at the base of memories and evocations that are very distant. Hoy I think that in my case it was not the Proustian cupcake that triggered my associations but rather the chocolate; that phrase that I wrote five years ago and that I didn’t notice myself about “the characteristic aroma of chocolate” from my great-grandmother’s house, was the trigger that made me relive countless memories of my childhood, which I have been unraveling through these pages; in the same way as pFor Marcel Proust the elixir of memory could have been a small cupcake (I suppose that each culture, or each person, has its particular evocative object). In the first volume of À la recherche du temps perdu, published over 100 years ago, “The Way of Swann”, it is said that it was the cupcake, dipped in tea, that made him experience “an exquisite pleasure” and “almighty joy” that, at first, he did not know where it came from, until he realized that “flavor corresponded to the” little piece of muffin that on Sunday mornings at Combray … he took when he was going to say good morning to his aunt Léonie. “And it is from here when it is produced in him an avalanche of emotions, which digging inside him begin to reveal the distant events behind his existence.

And when today I wanted to describe the quintessence of chocolate cake, as I have also done with apple cake, I remember the importance that morning chocolate had for me, with its unmistakable taste and smell, and that led me to trace the keys of the first stage of my life.

Without a doubt, because of this unconscious desire to catch that chocolate, I think I have always been in search of a chocolate cake; an unassuming chocolate cake, versatile enough to be served as both an everyday snack and a birthday cake, and even on cakes as extraordinary as the famous Viennese cake: sachertorte. I was also looking for an easy cake (let’s do it in a jiffy!), Not soggy, but juicy inside (a difficult thing to get), and the desideratum would be that it had an aromatic touch. And look where I found this cake in Jul’s kitchen, that Anglo-Tuscan cook, quite unknown, whose natural and homemade flavors fascinate me. That chocolate cake it only takes 3 eggs, a small amount of olive oil, half flour, half ground almond, brown sugar, and it is flavored by the peel and the juice of the tangerine.

I have done it, I have tried it and I have told myself. THIS IS MY CHOCOLATE CAKE: half soft and light sponge cake, half juicy cake and with a thin and crispy crust, and with a touch of tangerine, which makes it exquisite. On top it can be served with a layer of powdered sugar that gives it an almost rustic appearance.


  • 3 eggs, at room temperature
  • 120 gr. cane sugar (I put half cane, half white)
  • 120 gr. 50% dark chocolate
  • 50 gr. extra virgin olive oil
  • the juice and zest of 2 tangerines, or the juice and zest of one large orange
  • 100 gr. almond flour
  • 100 gr. whole wheat flour
  • 8 gr. (2 ½ teaspoons) baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • icing sugar to serve


one. Beat the eggs with the cane sugar until the mixture is smooth and pale.

2. Grate the skin of the tangerine and squeeze the juice:

3. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave and add the extra virgin olive oil, the clementine juice and the finely grated rind.


4. Combine well beaten eggs with sugar, chocolate mixture, orange and mix well:

5. Sift the almond flour with the whole wheat flour, the yeast and a pinch of salt and gently add to the previous mixture.

6. Line a 20cm round pan. with silicone or oven paper, and grease it with oil or butter.


7. With the oven preheated to 180º, put the pan in the oven and bake for about 25 minutes until cooked, it should be almost crispy on the surface and juicy inside.

8. Let cool completely before placing in a bowl and adding icing sugar to serve.

9. Here you have it already cut and you can appreciate the light and juicy inside. To be able to serve it alone or with a jam or cream. I accompanied it with a sweet potato purée, which combines wonderfully.


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