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Breaded tender garlics Recipe

Breaded tender garlic recipe, or also called garlic sprouts.

The young garlic or garlic They usually fix me some other dinner. I prepare them in omelette or scrambled with mushrooms and shrimp, but the other day, at the market stall where I buy the vegetables, the greengrocer, he gave me the idea, “prepare the battered garlic”, he told me. And said and done.

Tender garlic in batter. Recipe

I have to admit that the result has been surprising, I hope you like it.

Ingredients for breaded young garlic

3 bunches of garlic

1 egg M

1 tablespoon of flour




Preparation of tender garlic in batter

First I have prepared the dough to coat the garlic, for this in a bowl or plate, mix the egg, flour, salt and milk, about two tablespoons. I put the milk into the eye, since it has to be like a porridge not very thick.

Tender garlic in batter. Recipe

We clean the garlic, for this we remove the mustaches and the green leaves with the knife. The first layer of garlic is removed. We wash and season.

Tender garlic in batter. Recipe

Tender garlic in batter. Recipe

I cut them in two, so that they fit me more, but they can be left whole.

We coat them and add them little by little to the pan with plenty of hot oil. We have to prevent them from sticking to each other. Take out and put them on absorbent paper, for a few seconds.

Tender garlic in batter. Recipe

We set up and eat.

Tender garlic in batter. Recipe

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