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Botillo with collard greens and potatoes

Botillo with collard greens and potatoes

This is a home-made stew made from tails and pork ribs, typical of Bierzo. We tried it for the first time years ago, in Ponferrada. We went to the house of some friends, who taught us a bit about everything and I was delighted.

Before it was impossible to do it at home since we did not have the raw material. Now we can find it in the supermarket. Of course, you have to go to Bierzo to get to know Ponferrada, the Medúlas, the pallozas … It is worth it and it also eats very well. Land of wine, apples, peppers, chestnuts, jerky … And of course the botillo that concerns us today.


  • A bottle of approximately one kilo
  • One or two potatoes per person
  • A large collard greens
  • A sausage
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • One tablespoon of paprika (optional)


We clean and cut the collard we put it in the pot with 300 ml of water, salt and a drizzle of vinegar. We let the pressure rings rise and we have it on a minimum heat 5 minutes. We remove it from the fire and wait for the pressure to drop. We drain it and reserve.

We put the botillo in a saucepan, cover with water and cover it. We have it cooking 2 hours on medium heat. It is very important that it does not boil in spurts, because if it does, the botillo will open and lose some of its juiciness. When half an hour is missing, we introduce the potatoes whole or split in half, depending on the size.

Meanwhile, we cut the garlic and sauté the cabbage. Paprika can be added to acquire that characteristic flavor and color. I personally prefer not to put it, since it seems to me that the botillo and the chorizo ​​have enough paprika.

We cook some sausages separately, in a saucepan with water. Depending on the number of diners we can cook two, three or four sausages. We are few at home and I have not cooked any.

The botillo is removed and placed in a bowl. We open it making a cross, it is put next to the chorizo ​​and the potatoes. In another source we place the collard greens.

It is typical to eat it accompanied by roasted red peppers.

It seems to me that it is very good to complete the plate with a good salad.

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