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Boletus croquettes

Boletus croquettes

Boletus is a quintessential edible mushroom (boletus edulis). It is a kind of mushroom with its brown cap with very white meat that can be cooked in a thousand ways; they say that this mushroom is to the forest what angles it to the river, for its exquisiteness. The fresh ones, at the beginning of the season (October), are very expensive (40 euros) but then they are put at more reasonable prices.

Boletus croquettes are very good and nowadays they are very fashionable and are offered by great restaurants. I am going to create a totally original recipe. It belongs to the group of croquettes that are made with oil and a little onion. The boletus that I am going to use are from culture (pleurotus eryngii) that are much cheaper than the previous ones (I bought them at 9 euros per kilo and you only need about 250 gr., or 3 boletus for the amount of the following recipe) if you add a touch of boletus oil it hardly differs from wild boletus. You can also buy lyophilisates that are very well priced and sold in a lot of places.

We will include this dish in the category of crisis recipes and also sumptuous, because they can be added to any party menu.


  • 100 gr. flour
  • 1 dl. virgin olive oil
  • 1 l. milk
  • 3 boletus
  • half an onion or chive
  • a cube of meat stock
  • a teaspoon of salt
  • a teaspoon of boletus oil (any brand)


one. Spade half an onion or chive in very fine pieces and pour it in the pan with 1 dl of virgin oil (for 100 gr. Of flour). The onion must be very mellow because finding a raw piece of onion in a kibble is a desecration.

2. Now you add the boletus also broken into small pieces (see photo), which will get smaller when they lose part of the water in the cooking.

3. Stir well with the onion and let cook for at least 10 minutes until it has the appearance you see in the photo below.

4. Next, add the flour and toast well with the same procedure as the ham croquettes and add a cube of meat (of your choice). As the ratio here is less: 100 gr. of flour to 100 dl of oil, also the amount of milk will decrease to 800 dl.

5. You continue adding the milk and cooking the mixture.

6. Before the dough cools, put a teaspoon of boletus oil on it (the Chinata is very good and only costs about 3 euros and you can use it in other things). This ingredient is the magic touch of these croquettes because it greatly accentuates their flavor.

7. Do not forget that the pan must be almost clean, like the one in the photograph, if the dough is well cooked and compact.

WARNING: We have made this recipe with less quantities than the previous one so that you can compare and see what quantities are best for you.


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