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Blackberry jam


Blackberry jam

This blackberry jam is not what I usually make, but I have not been able to pick wild blackberries this year because I like to collect on the banks of the Sar because they were still very green and, as the recipe for these three berries (strawberry, raspberry) wanted to show. and blackberry) I have no choice but to buy them (they come from Guatemala) and the truth is that they do not look anything like wild ones. Although the process of making this jam is identical to that of strawberry and raspberry, I repeat it again, although reducing the quantities. I also add sterilization in case you want to achieve long-lasting preservation.


1/2 kilo of blackberries

400 g. of sugar

The juice of half a lemon

a small teaspoon of butter

These proportions can be adapted to any amount you want to make (4 units of blackberry weight for 3 sugar, and half a lemon every 500 gr.)

Ingredient warnings:

It is important to get tasty and, if possible, wild blackberries.


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