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Beans with peach

Beans with peaches

I highly recommend this dish especially to those who like sweet and sour dishes. Vegetables and fruits have always made a wonderful pairing; in this case, the beans and the peach make a delicious combination, which can be taken cold, hot or warm; both beans and peaches must be at their smooth point; For that, you must boil the beans al dente, and choose some peaches that are hard but sweet (the Aragonese are great for this recipe):


Measurements are optional:

2 large peaches

1 onion

green beans


vinegar or lemon


Optional: a pinch of ginger powder


1. Boil and drain the beans in such a way that they are very dry; stool a sofrito only with onion, which will be added to the above:

2. Stir the vegetables with the peach cut into slices:

If you like ginger, add a pinch (fourth teaspoon) of this spice powder:

3. Cold, hot or warm, will make this appetizing dish for a hot summer day:

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