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Artichokes with ternasco

Artichokes with ternasco, is a dish that brings me back to childhood. It is a recipe that my grandmother and then my mother made.

As you will see it is a very simple recipe that combines two very tasty ingredients: ternasco or lamb and artichokes.

As always, I hope you like it.

Artichokes with lamb or lamb

Ingredients for artichokes with ternasco for 4 people:

1/2 kg. Ternasco or lamb cut into pieces (neck, hock, low cut …)

1 kg of artichokes

2 garlic cloves



2 medium potatoes

Preparation of artichokes with ternasco

We put a casserole with water and salt. We let it warm up. While I’m going to clean the artichokes

We cut the stem of the artichokes, we defoliate.

Clean artichokes

Clean artichokes

We remove tips from the leaves.

How artichokes are cleaned

We cut them into pieces.

How artichokes are cleaned

We put them to soak with lemon so that they do not turn black, while we clean them. I wash them. And since the water was already boiling, I pour them to cook.

In another casserole, I put about 4 tablespoons of oil, add the ternasco or lamb, which I have previously seasoned. I cut the two garlic cloves into pieces. I fry the meat for a few minutes. It must be golden on the outside, but raw on the inside. I reserve in the same pot.

Homemade recipe Ternasco or lamb with artichokes

When the artichokes lack a little to finish cooking, I add them to the casserole where the meat is (if there is a lot of oil, remove it) and add the broth from the cooking of the artichokes. I let the whole set cook for about 10 minutes or until the meat and artichokes are tender.

artichoke with lamb or ternasco recipe

I accompany them with some diced potato chips.

Artichokes with ternasco

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