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Artichokes stuffed in sauce

Today I bring you some artichokes stuffed in tomato sauce, which will delight everyone.

To make this recipe I have used lamb or lamb meat, I have chosen pieces of neck, low cut or leg.

This dish can be made as a skewer in which we will insert two artichokes or as centerpieces for a meal.

Artichokes stuffed in sauce

Ingredients for artichokes stuffed in sauce

(4 people)

8 artichokes

250 gr. beef or lamb with bone.






A glass of tomato sauce water

Preparation of stuffed artichokes in sauce:

We put a casserole with water and salt. We let it boil.

Meanwhile, we are going to clean the artichokes, for this we remove the stem and the outer leaves. We cut the tips of the leaves. We put them to soak in lemon water (optional) or simply wash them in water.

Artichokes stuffed with meat in tomato sauce

Artichokes stuffed with meat in tomato sauce

Artichokes stuffed with meat in tomato sauce

Artichokes stuffed with meat with tomato sauce

This method of putting the artichokes in lemon water is used so that they do not darken. As well as putting flour in the cooking water, as I tell you it is optional.

When the water is boiling add the whole artichokes. We let it cook for about half an hour, depending on size. Check that they are soft, drain and let them cool down a bit.

While in a pan with a little oil, fry the ternasco over high heat for a few minutes. We season. You have to make the meat on the outside, but not on the inside. We remove and cut it into small pieces removing the bone and fat.

In the same pan and oil that we have fried the ternasco, we put it again, cut into pieces, stir for a minute so that it heats over medium heat and add two tablespoons of fried tomato.

 artichokes stuffed in tomato sauce

Mix well for a minute and add a teaspoon of flour. This will help the mixture to have consistency to fill the artichokes. Let the pasta cool a little and fill the artichokes.

We coat them with flour and egg. We fry. We let it drain on absorbent paper.

Presentation of stuffed artichokes: We put the remaining tomato sauce very hot as a background and on top the battered artichokes.

Recipe artichokes stuffed with beef ternasco with tomato sauce

Enjoy your meal.

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