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Appetizer Recipes Tapas and Skewers

I’ve been thinking about making a compilation of 10 for a long time appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos.

I do this, because it will help us to search for recipes within this blog. This compilation I have chosen those pinchos and tapas recipes They are very easy to make, I have left enough in the inkwell, many of those recipes were very elaborate, to make these skewers we are going to use very little the stove or in some cases, we even do without them.

Appetizers and tapas snack recipe

As always, I hope you like it.

10 appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos

one.- Cod montadito with garlic

The cod has been macerated with garlic and oil, and we place it on the toast or normal bread

Appetizers and tapas recipes: cod and garlic montadito


two.- Pintxo of mushrooms with prawns

In this we have to use the stove to make the mushrooms and shrimp that we then place on the normal bread

Appetizer recipes pinchos and tapas: mushroom skewer with prawns

3.- Roquefort skewer with walnuts

We make a paste with the roquefort spread with the bread and place the nuts.

Skewers and tapas recipes. roquefort skewer with walnuts

4.- Pickled anchovy montadito with piquillo peppers

Anchovy and piquillo peppers on a slice of bread spread with mayonnaise

appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos

5.- Fried quail eggs with sobrasada

Toasted bread smearing with sobrasada and fried egg

appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos

6.- Cheese canapé with caramelized peppers

Cheese spread bread with caramelized peppers

Appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos: cheese canapé


7.- Egg skewer with shrimp and crab sticks

A classic on skewers: egg, shrimp and crab stick, olive on top of mayonnaise.

appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos


8.- Pintxo of egg with anchovies

Egg with salted anchovies, olives above mayonnaise and decorated with tuna

appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos

9.- Tuna canapé

Tuna pasta on toast decorated with olive

appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos

10.- French salmon toast

Bread spread with salmon-spread cheese. Passed by egg with milk and we finish making it in a pan with a little butter.

appetizer recipes tapas and pinchos

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