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About us

My name is Maribelen, and I live on the Costa Tropical of Granada, in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Since I was a child I have felt a great interest in cooking, even though there has been no special culinary tradition in my house. For many years I only made savoury dishes, with the firm conviction that the desserts were not good for me, until I discovered that it was just a matter of practice.


My love of cooking led me to search for recipes on the Internet, finding the first cooking blogs that appeared in our country. I never thought that I could contribute anything new in terms of cooking, so I didn’t decide to open any blog, but one day I got my wires crossed and decided to create one, without knowing if anyone would ever read it.

That was in June 2001, and today I continue publishing recipes with the desire to share them and that someone can enjoy them. In the kitchen I have touched all the sticks, I can say that I am not afraid to experiment with anything, even though sometimes things do not go well. I think that you don’t have to have any special gift for cooking to make people enjoy our creations, it’s just to put a little interest and above all a lot of love.

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