About the james moore┬┤s recipe site

Hello! My name is Hortensia, I'm from Málaga and I have a degree in Business Administration.

I like cooking and easy recipes. And that is precisely what I want to transmit you with this page.

When I left my parents' house, I hardly knew how to cook. I remember how complicated those first months were for me. I decided to get my hands on the recipe and learn little by little. Many years have passed since then.

The first cookbook I had was "the argui├▒ano book" I'm sure most of you know it! It is a very complete book that has taught a whole generation to cook. Later I have been expanding the library and I already have a good collection.

That's why this blog was born to show you my recipes, what I like to make and what my family likes. They are very normal, everyday things and, above all, easy and simple recipes. With ingredients from around the house and without complications.

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