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9 cold canapes and a hot canape

I bring you 9 cold canapes and a hot canape , that we can do at any time of the year, they are very simple and easy to prepare.

As always, I hope you like it.

Cold canapes and a hot canape

Smoked cod toast with black olives


An envelope of smoked cod, for sale in supermarkets

Grated tomato

A grated garlic clove (optional)

Pitted and pitted black olives, we can also put black olive pate.

Bread. We can use baguette slices or normal bread or thin toast


Mix the tomato and the garlic. We put the grated tomato with the garlic on top of the bread, then the smoked cod and on top decorating the black olives.

Canape of salmon with gulas

9 cold canapes and a hot canapé: montadito of salmon with gulas


Sliced ​​bread without crust

Butter or cheese spread

An envelope of smoked salmon

A can of gluttony


Spread the slice of bread with butter, put a slice of smoked salmon on top, cut the bread into smaller squares and put some gluttony on top.

Canape of crab stick or surimi

9 Cold Canapes and a Hot Canapé: Crab Stick Canapé


Small canapes for sale in supermarkets

8 crab sticks or surimi


1 boiled egg

Anchovy stuffed olives


We finely chop the crab stick, the cooked egg and mix with the mayonnaise. Fill the volovans and put as a half olive decoration.

Canapé of york ham and cheese


Crustless bread or toasted canapé bread


York ham slices or also very good with turkey ham

Sliced ​​cheese

Stems or tips of asparagus


Spread the bread with mayonnaise, and on top place the ham and the sliced ​​cheese and as decoration put a piece of the stem or tip of the asparagus.

Russian salad tartlet


Russian salad

Small tartlets for sale in supermarkets



We fill the tartlets with the Russian salad and put a piece of anchovy on top as decoration.

Canape foie with strawberry jam

 9 cold canapes and a hot canapé: foie gras montadito with strawberry jam


A pot of foie mouse

Canape bread

Strawberry jam


We spread the bread with the mouse and put a little on top of strawberry jam.

Caviar substitute canapé

9 cold canapes and a hot canape


Canapé bread or sliced ​​bread


Caviar substitute eggs


Spread the butter on the bread and put the caviar roe on top.

If we use sliced ​​bread, we cut into triangles.

Canape with avocado and prawns


Tartlets or small Volovans

A ripe avocado


Cooked peeled prawns


Peel and remove the avocado pit. And with the avocado pulp, crush it with a fork, add two tablespoons of mayonnaise, mix well until there is a fine paste.

Fill the volovanes or tartlets with the cream and put the cooked prawn on top.

Canapé of cheese spread and salmon


Sliced ​​bread without crust

Cheese spread

dill (optional)

Smoked salmon


Mix a pinch of dill with the cheese spread. We crush the bread with a rolling pin so that it is fine. Spread the cheese and put a slice of the smoked salmon on top. We roll up. A half hour in the fridge.

Cut into slices and serve.

Eel tartlets with shrimp.

9 cold canapes and a hot canapé: eel and prawn tartlet


A garlic clove

1 chili pepper

A tray of gluttony

150 gr. peeled rice prawns


Tartlets or slice of bread


We put in a frying pan, two tablespoons of oil, when it is hot, add the sliced ​​garlic clove and the chilli. When it begins to brown, add the prawns, let them cook. Add the gluttony, season, stir for a minute. And we fill the tartlets. Serve immediately.

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