Migliaccio salato farinella pizza Quick and easy recipe

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The Salty millet also called "a ' Pizza 'and Farenella"Is a typical Neapolitan dish of Carnival is a tasty pie with semolina (or corn flour) with salami and cheese, very reminiscent of Neapolitan scagliozzi, triangles of fried polenta. In fact these are the only ways in which polenta (corn flour) is used in Naples. In general, the salty mile is eaten on Shrove Tuesday, or at least during the Carnival period accompanied by vegetables, usually broccoli. It is a dish not very well known, but the Neapolitans certainly remember it prepared by grandmothers, corn flour, semolina (as for Sweet Migliaccio) or if you find millet flour (always follow the cooking indicated on the package) from which originally the name.

Most important steps


    for a pan of 24-26 or 28cm (mine 24cm)

    • 375 corn flour (I used the Valsugana polenta cooking 8 minutes)
    • 1 and a half liters of water
    • salt and pepper
    • 150 gr of Caciocavallo (or other Auricchio type cheese) cut into cubes
    • 150 gr of Naples salami cut into cubes
    • 3 tablespoons of pecorino romano grated
    • 1 tablespoon of lard or butter

    How to make salty miles (farinella pizza) Video

    We cut into cubes of less than 1 cm the cheese (I caciocavallo, but any semi-seasoned, like Auricchio is fine) not stringy cheeses are fine that would melt immediately, then cut the Naples salami.

    We prepare the polenta , I used a precooked one (the polenta Valsugana, and it takes only 8 minutes), bring the quantity ofwater written on the package (I used 1 and a half liters for 375 grams of corn flour), add less than half a teaspoon of salt, pour the polenta and turn with a wooden spoon from time to time to prevent the polenta from sticking throughout the cooking time, medium-low heat.

    At the end of cooking, remove from the heat and add the pepper, grated pecorino, the cubes of caciocavallo previously cut and those of salami Naples.

    We grease a baking sheet, with butter or lard (as required by the traditional recipe) I used an aluminum pan for a 24-26 cm pastiere. If you want to obtain a thinner pizza, just use a larger pan, such as 28 cm.

    Pour the polenta into the pan and level well, add a little bit of on the surface grated pecorino which will create a tasty crust.

    In a static oven to 180 ° for 30 minutes, the last minutes of grill cooking.

    And here is yours pizza 'and farenella, or Salty Migliaccio, as a side dish I recommend the friarielli in a pan.

    WINE PAIRING: Taurasi

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    Migliaccio salty farinella pizza

    Migliaccio salty farinella pizza

    Salty Migliaccio, Bon appetit!


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