Limoncello di Sorrento simple and quick recipe

Limoncello of Sorrento: it is really simple to prepare, only 4 ingredients are needed but every Neapolitan family has its own recipe: there are those who put more sugar, or more lemons, less water, but in the end it is a matter of taste, I tried not to overdo it with sugar so as not to cover the flavor of the lemons.

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 6-7 large lemons from Sorrento, or 8 normal (untreated)
  • 1 liter of 95 ° alcohol
  • 1 liter of natural water
  • 600 gr. of sugar

Preparation: 30 minutes Rest: About 50 days Execution: average


How to make Limoncello di Sorrento

Wash and brush the lemons in water. Peel the freshly washed Sorrento lemons, being very careful not to cut the white part as well.

Limoncello of sorrento

Put the lemon peels to macerate in a liter of 95 ° alcohol, closing the container.

limoncello of sorrento

Leave to macerate for a week in a place protected from light and cool enough. Move the container several times a day. At this point the peels in the alcohol will be completely white and the alcohol yellow, you can proceed with the preparation: boil the water and dissolve the sugar in it, thus obtaining a syrup. After cooling the syrup, pour it into the container with the lemon peels.

Filter the limoncello by putting it in the bottles (you will need at least 2 of 750 ml. And one of a liter) with the help of a funnel with a gauze inside folded several times on itself.

Limoncello of sorrento

Close the bottles, let them pass 40 days, always leaving them to rest in a cool and dark place. I also wrapped them in aluminum foil

Sorrento limoncello recipe

You can filter the limoncello again if you want it more transparent.Put the Sorrento limoncello in the freezer. And your Sorrento limoncello is ready. Cheers !!

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Limoncello of Sorrento

Enjoy your meal!


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