Fried ricotta recipe quick and easy

Fried Ricotta: a quick and easy recipe. It is the typical Sunday appetizer in Naples, but also in many other southern cities: mozzarella in carrozza, crocchè, arancini, mozzarella, artichokes and pieces of ricotta all strictly breaded and fried, just to make it clear what a Sunday lunch is in Naples… .if the appetizer is this… .. !! 🙂 They are very fast and very good appetizers, generally you do not use fresh ricotta but the drier one after at least a day in the fridge, so it's an idea to use the ricotta that remains from other recipes.

Preparation time: 5 min Cooking time: 5 min Execution: easy


  • 400 gr. of ricotta
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • fry oil
  • pepper


How to prepare fried ricotta

Cut the ricotta, which must be quite firm and possibly sheep's milk, into fairly thick pieces, flour them and ...

Fried Ricotta

pass them in beaten eggs (with a pinch of salt and pepper); fry the pieces of ricotta in plenty of very hot oil.

Fried Ricotta

As soon as the ricotta pieces are golden, remove them with a slotted spoon, place them on a sheet of kitchen paper and add salt. Serve on a plate and hot. The fried ricotta, thus prepared, golden and crunchy on the outside, internally retains all its softness and creaminess ... Enjoy your meal !!!

WINE PAIRING: Young rosé or red wines.

In this blog for wine and liqueur pairings I consulted the

Fried Ricotta

Enjoy your meal!


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