Quick and easy pear and chocolate cake

Chocolate and pear cake. the combination of pears and chocolate has always been one of my favorites, so I tried to make this dessert and in fact the result is very good!

Ingredients for a 26 cm diameter cake pan:

  • 700 gr. of pears
  • 200 gr. of dark chocolate
  • 100 gr. of macaroons
  • 200 gr. made with flour
  • 350 ml of Muscat white wine
  • 170 gr. of butter
  • powdered chemical yeast
  • 4 eggs
  • 100 grams of sugar

Preparation: 20 minutes Cooking: 40 minutes difficulty: average


Most important steps

    How to prepare the pear and chocolate cake

    First of all, peel the pears, cut them into slices, put them in a saucepan, cover them with Muscat, and cook them until the wine has completely evaporated.

    chocolate and pears

    In the meantime, chop the chocolate and melt it in a bain-marie together with a pound of butter.

    pear cake

    Blend the rest (70 gr.) Of the butter with the sugar and the egg yolks in a large bowl, obtaining a cream that we combine with the melted chocolate.

    chocolate cake

    In the same bowl add the chopped amaretti, the flour and half a sachet of yeast. The mixture obtained will be very thick. In another bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar, then add the egg whites to the chocolate mixture,

    pear cake

    turn everything gently and mixing well. Pour half of the mixture into a buttered pan, then cover with the slices of pears that will be ready in the meantime (you will have put them in a colander after cooking in the wine, to let out the excess wine still present)

    chocolate and pear cake

    Then you can cover with the other half of the chocolate mixture. Bake for about 40 minutes at 180 °, once cooled sprinkle with icing sugar.

    WINE PAIRING: a good match is with the rare Aleatico di Puglia and Barolo Chinato; or with Rum, Cognac or a Spanish brandy.

    In this blog for wine pairings I consulted the site: www.bodegasdevino.org

    Chocolate and pear cake

    Enjoy your meal!


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