Fried pizzas with ricotta and salami quick and easy recipe

Fried pizzas with ricotta and salami a simple and quick recipe is another Neapolitan classic, in dialect they are called “pzell” (pizzette) they are a variant of the baked filling, but if possible even tastier! For other quick and easy pizzas click here: Pizza and rustic recipes

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 500 gr of pasta for pizzas,
  • 250 gr of ricotta,
  • 150 gr of provolone,
  • 150 gr of Neapolitan salami (or raw ham)
  • salt, pepper, peanut oil.

Preparation time: 2 hours pasta rest Cooking time: 30 min Execution: easy


How to make fried pizzas with ricotta and salami

Prepare the pasta for the pizzas. After the dough has risen, divide the pizza dough into balls and cut the salami into small pieces (but raw ham is fine too) and diced provola.

Fried pizzas with ricotta and salami

Roll out the balls by hand so as to make many pizzas and in the center of each pizza place a few tablespoons of ricotta, a few pieces of salami and a few cubes of provolone.

Fried pizza with ricotta and salami

Close the mini pizzas in the shape of a calzone and seal the edges well by pressing with your fingers.

Fried pizza with ricotta and speck

Put the peanut oil in a pan with a high edge and when the oil becomes hot and fry a maximum of 2 pizzas at a time.

Fried pizzas with ricotta and salami

Fry the fried pizzas for a few minutes on each side. After having fried them, place them on absorbent paper, the hotter the oil will be (obviously being careful not to reach the smoking point) and the less oil the pizzas will stick to. Bring your fried pizzas with ricotta and salami to the table e. ..Enjoy your meal !!!

WINE PAIRING: the classic combination is the one that involves the pairing pizza - beer, but a white wine is also fine: Fontanavigna Pallagrello bianco, it is a white wine from Campania, with fruity aromas with notes of apple, pineapple and melon. It has a balanced and aromatic taste and an alcohol content of 13.5%.

In this blog for most of the wine and liqueur pairings I consulted the site:

Fried pizzas with ricotta and salami

Fried pizzas with ricotta and salami

Enjoy your meal!


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