Decomposed millefeuille with Chantilly cream quick and easy recipe

Decomposed millefeuille: Millefoglie is one of the most famous desserts of French pastry but also very popular in Italy. It seems like a complicated dessert to make, in reality it is only the pastry that is the most complex preparation and if you don't want to prepare it for sale, there are ready-made bases. To make this dessert even easier and faster to prepare, I decided to break it down into bowls using the “sfogliatine” biscuits and Chantilly cream (cream, powdered sugar and vanilla / vanillin). Easier than that ?!

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 10-12 "sfogliatine" cookies
  • sour cherries to decorate (optional)
  • powdered sugar to decorate (optional)

For the French chantilly cream

  • 250 ml of fresh cream
  • 50 grams of powdered sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean or 1 sachet of vanillin


Most important steps

    How to make decomposed millefeuille

    Premise: the millefeuille is a sweet of French origin consisting of three layers of pastry and 2 of cream, you can use custard or chantilly cream (French chantilly is composed only of cream, vanillin / vanilla and icing sugar, while the Italian one - also called Diplomatic - is made up of 2/3 custard and 1/3 whipped cream or French Chantilly) you choose which type of cream to use, below I indicate the procedure to obtain an easier Chantilly, the French one .

    French Chantilly:

    Version with vanilla pod: if you have time, the vanillin can be replaced with a vanilla pod cut lengthwise and put in liquid cream the night before, cover with plastic wrap and leave in the fridge. When preparing the dessert, it must be filtered to remove the seeds and the vanilla pod.

    If you use vanillin and prepare it at the moment then just add the icing sugar and vanilla in the whipping cream. Whip the cream for a few minutes and you will get the French Chantilly

    Put the cream in a pastry syringe and take the puff pastry cookies ...

    Decomposed millefeuille
    Decomposed millefeuille

    ... crumble them very coarsely by placing them on the bottom of the cups or glasses, spread a layer of cream with a spoon or syringe, another layer of crumbled puff pastries, another layer of cream and crumble some other puff pastry on the surface

    Decomposed millefeuille
    Decomposed millefeuille

    if you have strawberries or sour cherries, decorate the bowls with these fruits or with a little hazelnut cream poured flush.

    Decomposed millefeuille
    Decomposed millefeuille

    And your delicious cups of decomposed millefeuille are ready. Enjoy your meal!

    WINE PAIRING: Malvasia delle Lipari

    for matching we consulted the site

    Decomposed millefeuille

    Enjoy your meal!


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