Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe Quick and easy recipe

Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe: the casatiello is the Neapolitan rustic par excellence, prepared during the Easter period. It has a dough super soft to which are added lard, pepper, meats and cheeses. It is very similar to Tortano (which is prepared all year round) and from which it differs in the addition of the eggs stopped by crosses of pasta that create a crown that recalls that of Jesus on the cross. Tradition has it that it is prepared on Friday evening, left to rise all night and baked on Saturday morning (although it is now increasingly common for the dough to be bought in the bakery). It is then consumed on Saturday evening, Easter Sunday or for excursions out of town typical of Easter Monday together with the Pastiera.

Ingredients for a 23 cm donut pan

  • 800 gr of bread / pizza dough
  • 400 gr of diced cold cuts (Napoli salami, cooked ham and greaves)
  • 150 gr of cheeses (100 of sweet provolone, 50 of white scamorza, 20 gr of
  • grated pecorino romano)
  • 2 tablespoons of lard / lard
  • pepper
  • 4 small eggs


WARNINGS: Use cheeses that are not too salty as the salami will already give a lot of flavor to the filling. It is important to use lard or lard, not butter! If you have a springform pan it is preferable to avoid breaking the eggs in the final stage.

How to make the Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe

If you prepare the dough, let it rise overnight and proceed with the filling the next morning.

If, on the other hand, you buy the dough from the bakery, let it rise for about half an hour in a container sealed with plastic wrap.

Roll out the dough giving it a rectangular shape and spread a few flakes of lard on the surface. Then make 2 book folds (photo 2) and remove a piece of dough (for the egg houses). Roll out the dough again to form a rectangle (photo 3), put a few more flakes of lard on the surface, spreading it over the entire surface. Add the ground black pepper, the grated pecorino and then proceed with the addition of the cheeses and sausages.

Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe
Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe

Once the ingredients are finished, wrap the longer side on itself to form a salami. Grease the donut mold with the lard and lay the dough inside. Put the closing flaps on the underside.

Cut the strips from the dough kept aside.

Wash the eggs well and dry them. Place the eggs on the casatiello by placing them vertically as on an egg rest. Let the egg sink a little inside the dough. Without pressing too hard (they could break!), Create the egg houses by crossing 2 strips and fixing them to the base. Spread a little more lard on the surface and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 1 hour. After the first 10-15 minutes it will begin to brown on the surface, at this point place a sheet of aluminum foil on the surface, it will help not to burn the casatiello and allow the lower part to cook. Check the cooking of the casatiello after about 40-45 minutes. It may already be ready (depends on the oven). As soon as it is taken out of the oven, cover the casatiello with aluminum foil, also overlap a kitchen cloth, this operation will make the casatiello soft.

Cut and serve after half an hour. Or you can keep it under a glass bell or in a bag (once cooled completely).

Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe
Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe

And here is your typical Neapolitan recipe Casatiello

WINE PAIRING: Piedirosso dei Campi Flegrei or a very successful combination is with a red of Burgundy, specifically a Hautes-Côtes de Nuits 2013 of Gilbert et Christine Felettig.

For this combination we have chosen the site:

Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe

Casatiello typical Neapolitan recipe

Enjoy your meal!


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