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Pros and cons of vegan cuisine: If you are considering becoming vegan, or already are, it is important to know the pros and cons that the vegan diet entails.

It is undeniable that in recent years both the vegetarian and vegan movements have risen to the fore but, regardless of what may push a person to choose to be vegan (health reasons, ethics, environmentalists, etc.) it is important to know what it means to stop eat meat, eggs and milk and all its derivatives.

First of all, however, let's start by making a distinction that not everyone is clear: the vegan diet does not include any type of product of animal origin while the vegetarian diet does. The choice of vegans is more "extreme" and involves some practical difficulties in everyday life, for example eating out, or being able to organize dinners or receptions for those who have embarked on this lifestyle. In recent years, things have been changing rapidly and the web, as always, comes to the rescue, you can easily find the vegan catering service for events for a wedding, for example, where vegans can be present among guests and celebrated.

Let's now see the advantages and disadvantages of vegan cuisine

Most important steps

    Know the pros and cons of vegan cuisine

    Surely one of the main advantages of vegan cuisine concerns the low fat intake saturated and a practically no cholesterol intake. To this we must add the greater intake of fiber, which helps the intestine, and a greater intake of polyphenols and flavonoids.

    THE polyphenols they are natural substances of plant origin particularly positive for human health as they are antioxidants, anticangerogens, antiatherogenic (decrease the probability of stroke, thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases), anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. As for the flavonoids, these are characterized by being powerful antioxidants (useful for ensuring the optimal functioning of the liver, immune system and capillaries) and for their hepatoprotective action.

    Against vegan cuisine

    The disadvantages of a diet are not related to health but to other aspects of life. One problem could certainly be with the social relations, it can become problematic to reconcile the new way of eating with that of friends and family who are often wary of this sometimes not shared choice.

    As mentioned previously, another problem is surely to travel, if it is true that in general throughout Europe a vegan can travel safely without having problems finding vegan products, it is also true that leaving Europe may not be so easy. Let's think, for example, of some more or less remote areas of South America or Southeast Asia.

    There less variety of foods is another issue to consider, particularly with regards to the vitamin B12, essential for the body. This vitamin, present especially in meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, is crucial to the formation of red blood cells of which it promotes growth. However, this problem can easily be remedied by purchasing vitamin B12 supplements.

    The last difficulty vegans encounter is being able to cook without falling into monotony. In recent years, however, we are witnessing a significant increase in products on the market for vegetarians and vegans which is also associated with an improvement in the quality and taste of these products, which are also appreciated by those who are not vegan. Once again the web helps by offering many recipes suitable for those who have embarked on the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle

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    Pros and cons of vegan cuisine

    Pros and cons of vegan cuisine

    Enjoy your meal!


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