Let's get to know Grana Padano PDO better. Quick and easy recipe

Among the Italian excellences our cheeses stand out and Grana Padano DOP occupies a place of honor.

With its centenary history this cheese has conquered our palate and our tables declined in an infinite number of recipes and preparations.

This much loved cheese is also recommended by nutritionists in our daily diet, the reason is to be found in his nutritional values.


Grana Padano in addition to being a good and tasty food is also a healthy food.
With a portion of 50 gr it provides macro and micronutrients that everyone needs: a considerable concentration of high biological value proteins (leucine, lysine, phenylalanine and tyrosine); the fat I'm for 30% unsaturated (those considered "good"), i carbohydrates they are absent. Vitamins are also present: TO, B1, B2, B6, D, PP and E; it also provides 75% of an adult's daily vitamin requirement with a portion of 50 g B12, particularly important for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

One serving of Grana Padano contains only 54.5 mg of cholesterol. Considering that it is recommended to take a maximum of 201 mg of cholesterol per day, Grana Padano does not impact too much on the total amount.

Even the content of mineral salts it is interesting, the Grana Padano, in fact, contributes iodine (necessary for the functioning of the thyroid), zinc and selenium (antioxidants) magnesium, phosphorus, copper is football (as much as 60% of the recommended daily dose, essential for bones and teeth).


Grana Padano is therefore a rich source of football thanks to the high quantity of milk necessary for its production: for a kilo of Grana Padano 15 liters of milk are needed, despite this it is one of the few cheeses that can be also consumed by lactose intolerant, since it does not contain any. What makes Grana Padano PDO lactose-free is not the long aging but it is a consequence of its natural production process strictly defined by the Production Regulations. Grana Padano is therefore a cheese very digestible, also for this reason it is a food suitable for everyone: ai growing children, pregnant and menopausal women, the elderly and sportsmen. It nourishes, gives immediate energy and strengthens the bones.


To properly assimilate calcium you should:

- Reduce salt to prevent excess sodium from increasing calcium loss in the urine.

- To limit alcoholic drinks because they decrease the absorption of calcium and reduce the activity of the cells that “build bone”.

- Do not overdo it with foods rich in fiber, the right intake is good, the excess reduces the absorption of calcium.

Grana Padano PDO, Italian excellence

Grana Padano PDO, Italian excellence

Enjoy your meal!


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