Grana Padano PDO: advice on use and combinations Quick and easy recipe

The Grana Padano PDO it is among the most used cheeses in Italian cuisine.

It can be tasted alone or in combination and in a great variety of recipes.

To fully appreciate the organoleptic properties of Grana Padano PDO to be consumed in purity, it must be kept at room temperature one hour before serving it by removing it from the film or vacuum, preferably cut with the special drop knife for single tasting portions.

For theappetizer Grana Padano is perfect if served with a glass of Italian bubbles; for thestarter it can be served both alone and in multiple preparations.

It is also possible to serve Grana Padano to at the end of the meal accompanied by jams and honey: the best combinations are with chestnut honey, pear jams and mustards, green tomatoes and fig jam.

Most important steps

    Use of Grana Padano in the kitchen

    Grana Padano PDO aged from 9 to 16 months

    Grana Padano PDO aged from 9 to 16 months is suitable for gratin of preparations in the oven, thanks to the greater humidity of the cheese which evaporates slowly during cooking, allowing uniform cooking.

    It is also indicated in the preparation of sauces and creams as it dissolves easily and its delicacy does not cover the flavors but enhances them.

    Grana Padano aged within 16 months is also suitable for cold dishes: cut into flakes in various salads, while into thin slices (using the slicer) with carpaccio.

    Grana Padano PDO aged over 16 months

    Grana Padano aged from 16 to 20 months as well as being suitable for grating and consumption in purity, is also indicated in fillings and fillings mostly of savory pies, pizzas, focaccias and croutons and croquettes. The greater maturation makes it a cheese with a stronger flavor that manages to emerge even in richer and more complex preparations.

    This type of Grana Padano being less humid allows the creation of tasty and crunchy waffles perfect for fanciful finger food.

    Grana Padano PDO Riserva

    The Grana Padano PDO Riserva (aged for over 20 months) is perfect to be enjoyed in purity, perhaps accompanied by a good dessert wine and meditation, as well as to flavor and complete various types of dishes.

    The preparations that are best suited to be enriched with Grana Padano PDO Riserva are i first dishes. This type of Grana Padano PDO, in fact, is excellent for whisk risotto or for season soups, soups and dishes based on pasta.

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