Cooking times Pressure cooker Quick and easy recipe

Pressure cooker cooking times

The main advantage of pressure cooker cooking is that times are reduced by a lot ed even a dish with a normally very long cooking, we can prepare it very quickly.

Below is one table with all cooking times, I found it on the site and it is really very useful.

Important: the times refer to a quantity of "standard" ingredients of 1 kg. Obviously, for larger quantities, longer times will be needed (but not too much).

The cooking time it means from when the pot emits the whistle / hiss, from that moment on the pot goes “under pressure”, then the flame is lowered and the time indicated in the table is calculated.


To brown before pressure cooking. Once browned, pressure cook and add a little water.

Cooking times Pressure cooker


The meat must be cooked in water (of course!): Then cover it with water.

Cooking times Pressure cooker


There should be no need for additional water.

Cooking times Pressure cooker


Add a couple of glasses of water before pressure cooking


Dried vegetables

Cover them with water completely.



A lot of water is needed: water must be twice the quantity of rice (in volume, not weight)


Fresh vegetables

If you want to boil it, then you will need to add enough water to completely cover it. Otherwise, with the basket, you can steam it. In that case, 1 or 2 glasses will be needed.

Cooking times Pressure cookerWhen does the cooking time start?

Good question, which more than one user has asked us! Cooking times start from when the pressure cooker goes under pressure: and therefore, from when you hear the whistle or puff. At that point you can turn the gas down and move it to a smaller fire to keep it in pressure.

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