Loaf with cheese. Quick and easy recipe

Loaf bread with cheese: soft, fragrant and with a taste that embraces sweet and savory, this loaf bread was love at first taste! For an aperitif, to create an appetizer, for an appetizer, for a simple toast it is perfect, I enjoyed it with a little ham and salad, the best for a meal away from home without exceeding the calories but not giving up to taste and then when possible, it is always better to do at home than to buy packaged products! It lasts a few days if stored in a tin box or wrapped in cling film. Try it it's great!

Ingredients for a 13 × 25 cm loaf pan

  • 375 grams of flour 00
  • 150 gr of spreadable cheese (I used Philadelphia)
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • 1 level teaspoon of salt
  • 1 sachet of Paneangeli yeast for pizza (the "Pizzaiolo")
  • 2 eggs


How to make cheese loaf bread

Prepare all the ingredients and turn on the heat at 170 °.

Cheese loaf bread
Cheese loaf bread

Put the eggs, sugar and salt in a fairly large bowl, blend with an electric mixer.

Cheese loaf bread
Cheese loaf bread

Add the sifted flour and yeast, mix with a spoon or always with a whisk but using the spiral whisk (the least used to be clear!)

Cheese loaf bread
Cheese loaf bread

Stir until the dough is strung around the whips. Remove the dough from the bowl and pour it into the previously greased and floured loaf pan. The dough will be very sticky. Level it inside the mold with a spoon.

Cheese loaf bread
Cheese loaf bread

Bake at 170 ° for 35-40 minutes; place the mold in the lower part of the oven, after about 10-15 minutes in the upper level of the oven place a grid with a sheet of aluminum foil to prevent the surface from darkening too quickly (you can also simply place the foil on the plum cake, but it will tend to deform the surface a little in full leavening).

Do the toothpick test at the end of cooking to check if the bread is cooked inside.

And your cheese loaf is ready

Cheese loaf bread

Cheese loaf bread

Enjoy your meal!


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