Fried calamari and prawns Quick and easy recipe

Fried calamari and prawns: here are some tricks to fry squid and prawns and obtain a crispy mixed fried. In reality, the trick is simple: put the flour in a food bag and then the squid cut into rings together with the shrimps, close the bag shake and your squid and shrimp are perfectly floured.


  • squid 500 gr
  • shrimp 500 gr
  • flour 00
  • peanut oil
  • salt and pepper


Most important steps

    How to make a crispy fried squid and shrimp

    Have the squid cleaned in the fish shop here on request, they also cut them into rings, I think they do it everywhere, otherwise you can proceed with the cleaning: remove the squid's head from the body, separate the tentacles from the eyes and deprive the squid of the entrails. At the center of the tentacles is the beak, it is hard and must be removed. Inside the sac, on the other hand, there is a cartilage bone, which will be very easy to remove by pulling it off. At this point all that remains is to pull off the skin and cut the sac (which will appear white, compact and shiny) into slices. The wings and tentacles are also edible, which you can cut as you like before frying.

    An important rule, before frying the squid is dry them well, perhaps dabbing them with absorbent paper, in order to eliminate splashes during frying.

    The oil to use: there are two schools of thought, who uses olive oil and who uses peanut oil. I used the peanut one which I think is more suitable for fried fish.

    For the breading: you can prepare a batter, or (as I did) simply pass them in flour (and do not complicate your life) using a food bag with a few tablespoons of flour. Put some shrimp and some squid and close the bag, shake, so that the flour adheres.

    Fried calamari and prawns
    Fried calamari and prawns

    Open the bag and put the squid and shrimp in a colander to let the excess flour go down.

    Fried calamari and prawns
    Fried calamari and prawns

    Then proceed with frying in hot oil. A few pieces at a time, first all the squid and then the shrimp. Fry for a few minutes until the pieces become golden. Put the fried on absorbent paper to absorb the excess oil and remember to add salt only after frying.

    Fried calamari and prawns
    Fried calamari and prawns

    After having fried all the squid, proceed with the prawns

    Fried calamari and prawns
    Fried calamari and prawns

    After having placed all the frying on absorbent paper, you can pepper and salt.
    In Naples, restaurants use to serve mixed frying in the "cuoppo" of paper straw, just wrap the paper on itself (I used paper for the bread) and create a cone. Put the mixed fry inside. I also prepared the seaweed zeppoline. And your fried calamari and prawns are ready. Enjoy your meal!

    WINE PAIRING: This dish goes well with Muller Thurgau white wine.

    For the wine pairing I consulted the site:

    Fried calamari and prawns

    Fried calamari and prawns

    Enjoy your meal!


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