Mango Dessert Cream Quick and easy recipe

Mango dessert cream: whether or not you are a lover of mango this cream is really delicious, smooth soft and light in texture. The presence of vanillin somewhat softens the sour taste of the mango. You can enjoy it as it is at the end of a meal or you can accompany a fruit salad of fruit or a sweet. If you want you can also use it for fill a fruit cake, in this case use half of the non-whipped cream (instead of yogurt) to blend with the mango and then proceed with the remaining cream as explained in the recipe below. Try this dessert cream, it's delicious!

Ingredients for 2 glasses of cream

  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 jar of white yogurt of 125 ml
  • 100 ml of fresh whipping cream
  • 1 sachet of vanillin
  • 3 teaspoons of sugar (preferably brown)
  • mint leaves to decorate


How to prepare the mango dessert cream

If you don't know cut a mango know that it is not difficult at all, I learned it too for the occasion, if you want to see how to do there this video.

Mango dessert cream
cut the mango

cut the mango into cubes, put them in a blender, add it yogurt, the sachet of vanillin and it Brown sugar,

blend the mango with the yogurt

blend until it becomes a uniform and smooth cream, whip the fresh cream (the one you find in the fridge in supermarkets),

whip the fresh cream

and in the bowl with the cream add the mango and yogurt cream

cream and mango cream

stirring from top to bottom with a spoon. When the cream is well incorporated into the cream then you can put it in glasses, add a little bit of on the surface Brown sugar and a few leaves of mint.


And your fresh is ready Mango Dessert Cream. Enjoy your meal!

Mango dessert cream

Enjoy your meal!


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