Curry sauce Quick and easy recipe

Curry sauce: do you fancy the Orient? Curry is all you need. Today I prepared one Curry sauce very similar to bechamel in the process, perfect to accompany white and red meats and even fish, therefore very versatile. It can also be adapted to your taste by using a sweet or spicy curry powder, beware that the spicy one is really VERY spicy !! In this sauce I use a little butter and skimmed milk, if you are intolerant, or you want to make it lighter, you can use the same amount of broth for the liquid part and 1/2 white onion (or shallot) to brown at the beginning , before adding the other ingredients (the process and the remaining other ingredients are the same).

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Ingredients for 250 ml of sauce

  • 250 ml of skimmed milk
  • 4 teaspoons of sweet curry (or spicy according to preferences)
  • 20 gr of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of flour 00
  • a pinch of salt


How to make curry sauce

Prepare all the ingredients.

Curry sauce
Curry sauce

Proceed by putting the butter in a non-stick pan, let it melt over low heat

Curry sauce
Curry sauce

add the sifted curry and flour,

Curry sauce
Curry sauce

mix quickly with a spatula and remove from the heat so as not to scorch the flour

Curry sauce
Curry sauce

add the milk and a pinch of salt, put the mixture back on the heat (medium-low).

Curry sauce
Curry sauce

Stir until boiling, the sauce will begin to thicken, turn off the heat until it reaches the desired density, but remember that when it cools the sauce will tend to solidify, so if you want a more liquid sauce, turn off the heat immediately after the first boil.

If you have to keep it for a few hours, but also for one or two days, I suggest you cover the sauce with a transparent film in contact, that is, making the film adhere to the surface of the sauce.

And your curry sauce is ready, full of beneficial properties and rich in oriental aromas and flavors.

WINE PAIRING: Merlot and Shiraz

the wine pairing is taken from the site:

Curry sauce

Enjoy your meal!


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