Puff pastry braid with chocolate Quick and easy recipe

Puff pastry braid with chocolate: with chocolate bar inside! Here is one of the catchphrases that are found on the net, even for dishes there are fashions, and often it is some preparations with puff pastry that attract the attention and ingenuity of food bloggers, this braid is an example, the I saw it on social media for months and I decided to try it myself, as for everything you need some advice and tricks, but the dessert is really very easy to prepare! It is the perfect idea for when you have a few friends for dinner and don't want to waste hours preparing a dessert, in fact 20 minutes are enough to churn out a rich and crunchy pastry! You can indulge yourself by inserting our favorite chocolate inside, in this preparation I used milk chocolate, but next time I will try dark chocolate with oranges and almonds (by Lindt): a delicacy! But be careful that this dessert should be consumed within an hour at the latest, if too long the chocolate inside hardens again.

Ingredients for 6-8 people

1 roll of ready-made puff pastry
A bar of dark chocolate 100/200 gr (preferably dark)
1 tablespoon of milk
granulated sugar (optional)


How to prepare a pastry braid with chocolate

Unroll the puff pastry and leave it on the parchment paper in the package; place the chocolate bar in the center of the pastry and remove the excess dough all around. Make oblique or horizontal lateral cuts (the braid effect will be present in both cases) then close the upper and lower flaps inwards and then close the side flaps also by intertwining the strips of dough from the right and left alternately ,

Puff pastry braid with chocolate
Puff pastry braid with chocolate

complete the braid and close the final part without creating too much thickness.

Puff pastry braid with chocolate
Puff pastry braid with chocolate

Brush the braid with a little milk and add the sugar grains (optional)

Puff pastry braid with chocolate
Puff pastry braid with chocolate

Bake at 200 ° for 15 minutes in a ventilated oven (a few more minutes for the static one), the braid will be ready when it has taken on a beautiful golden color. The inside will be soft as the chocolate will be completely melted.

NB. It is advisable to consume the pastry braid within an hour, before the chocolate hardens again. If there are few who consume the cake and want to keep it, I recommend dividing the dough into two parts and creating a smaller braid using only half a chocolate bar, keep the remaining pastry in the fridge for other preparations.

And here is yours Puff pastry braid with chocolate. Enjoy your meal!

WINE OR LIQUEUR PAIRING: to be served with a Passito di Pantelleria or with Cherry brandy

for the wine pairing I consulted the site www.vinit.net

Puff pastry braid with chocolate

Puff pastry braid with chocolate

Enjoy your meal!


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