Brutti ma Buoni with cocoa. Quick and easy recipe

Ugly but good with cocoa: these quick and easy to make cookies are a great classic of Italian cuisine. We can define them as the cousins ​​of meringues but with hazelnuts to enrich the dough, in this version I added cocoa and I must tell the truth they are really delicious! Ugly because they do not have a well-defined shape but this makes them even easier to make! Almonds can be used as a substitute for hazelnuts in the Prato style. Perfect as a gift at Christmas, or simply to be enjoyed next to tea, ideal for when you have some egg whites left over. I assure you that you will fall in love with it.

Ingredients for about 20 biscuits

  • 125 gr of chopped toasted hazelnuts
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 2 egg whites (about 65/70 grams of egg whites)
  • 2 tablespoons of bitter cocoa (15 g)



1.Mount the egg whites with 2 tablespoons of sugar taken from the total, whip until they have a shiny appearanceUgly but good cocoa biscuits

2. After whipping the egg whites Finally add the cocoa and the remaining sugar

3. Turn with a spatula and finally add the hazelnuts

4. Put the mixture in a saucepan and stir continuously until the mixture dries away from the saucepan

5. Remove from the heat and with two spoons make piles placing them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

6. Bake at 150 ° for about 20 minutes (cooking time varies according to the oven - min 18 min max 25 minutes). the biscuits will be shiny outside and a little lighter than at the start of cooking.

Ugly but good with cocoa

Enjoy your meal!


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