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Soft tart with jam and ricotta: this dessert captivates at the first bite, the presence of both ricotta and jam then makes the dessert particular and not at all boring, one bite after another a whole series of flavors follow one another, the softness of the base halfway between a shortcrust pastry and a classic base of cakes, then thanks to the presence of jam (I used a cherry jam of Punzi farm), you can prepare it with different flavors, a raspberry jam, berries and strawberries is also fine, or you can divide the tart into two parts and use two different jams. The tart is very easy to prepare, cooking is short (only 30 minutes) and can be kept for 2-3 days in the refrigerator. Try it! Similar in texture The Crumb cake with strawberries

Ingredients for a cake pan of 24 cm

280 grams of flour
80 grams of sugar
70 grams of milk
60 gr of butter
1/2 sachet of baking powder
1 sachet of vanillin
2 eggs + 1 yolk

For the Cream

300 gr of ricotta
5 tablespoons of milk
3 level tablespoons of sugar
6 teaspoons of jam / marmalade of your choice (I cherry)


Let's put the butter out of the fridge to make it soften, even an hour.

In a bowl, mix the butter and it sugar and work it in ointment (creamy consistency) with a fork or spatula. Let's add the 2 eggs + the yolk, the milk (70 g). and continue to turn to mix the ingredients.

Let's add the flour, with the half sachet of yeast and with the sachet of vanillin (or vanilla essence), mix again with a fork, we will obtain a soft and sticky dough, this is the right consistency.

Let's butter and flour one 24 cm cake pan in diameter (or at most 26 cm), a tart pan is fine, but also a springform pan, the important thing is that it is not too low. Pour the dough into the pan and level it with a spoon.

We prepare the cream to put on the surface. We put the ricotta cheese with 5 tablespoons of milk, and the 3 tablespoons of sugar, mix well until it becomes a velvety cream. Pour the ricotta over the dough into the pan, and finally add a few teaspoons of marmalade or jam; with a fork we can distribute the jam forming streaks.

We put in static oven preheated a 180 ° for 30 minutes. The baking cake will tend to swell, so it is preferable not to use a cake pan that is too low! Let it cool completely and serve our soft tart with jam perfect with tea as a snack! Enjoy your meal!

Soft tart with jam

Soft tart with jam

Enjoy your meal!


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