Nutella Biscuits Nutellotti Quick and easy recipe

Biscuits to nutella Nutellotti : these now very famous biscuits, this recipe has been going crazy on the web for some time, so I decided to try it to test the realization and above all the goodness. The result is a slightly soft biscuit, not crumbly like shortbread biscuits, this is because there is no butter in the preparation but only eggs, flour and Nutella, which, although containing some fats, do not allow to reach the friability of shortbread. I recommend the drop of Nutella to add after cooking, by eating these biscuits one expects the presence of the cream. Overall I liked the cookies very much even though I didn't particularly like soft cookies.Nutella plumcake, breakfast cakes, soft lemon biscuits

Ingredients for about 20 biscuits

180 gr of nutella
150 grams of flour 00
1 egg
Nutella to decorate (about 30 gr)


How to make Nutella Biscuits Nutellotti

Prepare the 3 ingredients on the work surface

Nutella biscuits nutellotti
Nutella biscuits nutellotti

put the nutella and egg in a bowl and mix

Nutella biscuits nutellotti
Nutellotti preparation

add the flour several times and mix with a spoon

Nutella biscuits nutellotti
Mix the ingredients

you will get a soft and smooth dough

Nutella biscuits nutellotti
Nutella biscuits dough

Shape into balls of about 18 g and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, space them a little from each other

Nutella biscuits nutellotti
On the baking sheet

Use your finger or the handle of a wooden spoon to press each ball

Nutella biscuits nutellotti
Bake the Nutella Biscuits

Bake at 170 ° for 20 minutes, take out of the oven and just warm, add the Nutella with a teaspoon or with the sac à poche, and here are yours Nutella biscuits "i Nutellotti".

PAIRING: Milk :-))

I generally consult the site for wine pairing

Nutella Biscuits Nutellotti

Nutella Biscuits Nutellotti

Enjoy your meal!


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