Baked sea bream with potatoes quick and easy recipe

Baked sea bream with potatoes: L'sea ​​bream it is a much loved fish, a tasty way to prepare this dish and to complete with a tasty side dish is by adding thick slices of potatoes to the cooking. In a single cooking both the second course and the side dish will be ready. Balanced carbohydrates and proteins for a healthy and tasty dish. Cooking times remain similar if we cut the potatoes thin enough, about 3 mm. The preparation procedure is very simple.


  • 1 sea bream per person
  • 2 large potatoes per person
  • garlic
  • salt, pepe
  • rosemary

Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: 10 minutes Execution: Easy


Most important steps

    How to cook Bream with baked potatoes

    Cut the potatoes into 3-4 mm thick slices (not too thin otherwise the cooking difference with the fish will be too much), arrange them in a baking dish covered with a sheet of parchment paper, make a layer without overlapping the potato slices too much, salt and add some rosemary and a drizzle of oil

    Baked sea bream with potatoes

    On this bed of potatoes lay the sea bream (gutted and scaled in the fish shop) in the cut that the fishmonger will have made on the belly, insert 2 cloves of garlic, rosemary, pepper, salt and oil. Salt and cover with a drizzle of oil,

    cover with other potatoes and add a little more oil also on the potatoes.

    Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes, at this point remove the fish and in a separate dish remove all the main bones and divide into fillets, let the potatoes cook for about ten minutes with the oven grill function. Serve framing the dish with the potatoes ... ENJOY YOUR MEAL!!!

    WINE PAIRING: A white wine, fresh and fragrant with a fair softness, such as Fiano or Falanghina or a Collio Goriziano Sauvignon Doc (Friuli Venezia Giulia) is fine.

    In this blog for wine pairings I have consulted the site most often:

    Baked sea bream with potatoes

    Baked sea bream with potatoes

    Enjoy your meal!


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