No-bake coffee cheesecake Quick and easy recipe

Coffee cheesecake without cooking: here is a perfect dessert for Father's Day, it contains coffee and which dad doesn't like it ?! In addition, it is quick to prepare, it does not require an oven as it is a cold dessert (the consistency is like parfait / spumone), just let it cool in the fridge for a few hours. It is advisable to prepare the dessert in the morning to serve it the same evening. Use your favorite shortbread biscuits for the base, a few curls of chocolate on the surface and the dessert is ready! Try it!

Ingredients for a 22 cm diameter springform pan

Biscuit base

200 grams of cocoa shortbread
100 gr of butter

For the coffee and cheese cream

250 grams of mascarpone
250 gr of classic Philadelphia
200 ml of cold vegetable cream
80 grams of granulated sugar (or 90 of cane sugar)
3 and a half sheets of isinglass (8 g)
2 cups of sugar-free restricted coffee

To decorate

dark chocolate curls
(obtained with a potato peeler)


How to make coffee cheesecake without cooking

Prepare the coffee with the mocha 2 cups and let it cool. Soak the isinglass in cold water and set aside.

First prepare the biscuit at the base of the cheesecakes: chop the biscuits with the mixer and melt the butter in a saucepan;

Coffee cheesecake without cooking
Coffee cheesecake without cooking

put biscuits and butter in a bowl and mix.

Coffee cheesecake without cooking
Coffee cheesecake without cooking

Line a hinged pan with parchment paper, pour the biscuit base on the bottom and level with a spoon;

Coffee cheesecake without cooking
Coffee cheesecake without cooking

refrigerate for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the cream: put the mascarpone, Philadelphia and sugar in a bowl,

Coffee cheesecake without cooking
Coffee cheesecake without cooking

turn with a whisk to mix the ingredients; in another bowl, whip the vegetable cream until stiff; add the cream to the mascarpone cream and turn everything with a whisk at low speed.

No-bake coffee cheesecake
Coffee cheesecake without cooking

In a saucepan, heat the coffee without boiling and add the squeezed isinglass, turn to avoid lumps,

Coffee cheesecake without cooking
No-bake coffee cheesecake

let it cool for a minute and pour the coffee into the cream, mix again with the whisk at low speed.

Coffee cheesecake without cooking

Take the biscuit base from the fridge and pour the coffee cream cheese over it, level with a spoon,

Coffee cheesecake without cooking

cover the pan with a sheet of cling film and let it cool in the fridge for at least 6 hours, decorated with dark chocolate curls obtained using the potato peeler. Coffee cheesecake without cooking. Enjoy your meal!

WINE PAIRING: a Moscato Rosa passito, able to combine the freshness and aromaticity of a Moscato with the structure and intensity of a passito. Or a Brachetto and you are never wrong!

In this blog for wine pairings I have consulted the site most of the time:

Coffee cheesecake without cooking

Coffee cheesecake without cooking

Enjoy your meal!


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