Risotto with champagne or sparkling wine and provola simple and quick recipe

Risotto with champagne or sparkling wine and provolone : I ate this risotto a few months ago at a friends' wedding, I liked it a lot so since I had a little sparkling wine left over, I thought I'd suggest it: the recipe is very simple and it was really great! And then you can always find a bottle of sparkling wine at home… ..maybe shopping becomes challenging with champagne 🙂

Ingredients for 2 people

  • Carnaroli rice 160 gr.
  • 2 glasses of sparkling wine (or champagne)
  • 1 slice of fresh provolone
  • butter
  • leek (or white onion)
  • wild strawberries
  • salt


How to make risotto with champagne or sparkling wine and provolone

Brown the leek in butter until it becomes transparent. Add the rice and toast it for a minute.

Risotto with champagne or sparkling wine and provolone

add half a glass of champagne or sparkling wine (I had the sparkling wine) and let it evaporate

strawberry risotto

at this point proceed with the normal cooking of risotto, then adding a couple of ladles of broth, turn and wait for them to be absorbed and continue in this way until the minutes of cooking the rice have elapsed (indicated on the package)

Risotto with provolone champagne

when the rice is cooked, add another half glass of sparkling wine and wait for it to be absorbed, season with salt if necessary without exceeding because the provolone you will add at the end is already salty enough. Finally put a knob of butter in the risotto, turn and lastly add the provolone cut into small cubes,

provolone risotto

turn off the heat and turn to melt the provolone. Serve and add the strawberries. If you like that the flavor of strawberries is more present in the dish, you can add the strawberries already in the pot (with the heat off) and mash them with a fork. The risotto will take on a beautiful pink color. I only put them on the plate, leaving the white risotto and the strawberries I then crushed them on the plate because not everyone likes the overwhelming flavor of fruit. And here is yours champagne rice (or sparkling wine). Enjoy your meal!

WINE PAIRING: Dry white wine

For the wine pairing I consulted the site: www.vinook.it

Risotto with champagne or sparkling wine and provolone

Risotto with champagne or sparkling wine and provolone

Enjoy your meal!


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