Chocolate covered cookies Quick and easy recipe

Cookies covered with chocolate : the base of these biscuits is of shortcrust pastry, after cooking in the oven they are dipped in melted chocolate and left to cool, thus creating a crunchy and tasty wrapper; perfect for dipping in tea or hot milk. During the Christmas period it is a nice idea to give them to friends and relatives, just a cellophane bag and a ribbon, even better if you use a box of milk in which they can keep even a few more days. Try it!

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For the shortbread biscuits

  • 330 grams of flour 00
  • 200 gr of cold butter
  • 130 grams of powdered sugar
  • 1/2 sachet of vanillin
  • 3 small eggs
  • a pinch of salt
  • grated zest of half a lemon (I used dried powder)

For the chocolate coating

  • 300 gr of high quality dark chocolate
  • optional: sugars or colored tails


How to prepare chocolate covered biscuits

I used the large blade mixer, but you can safely work the pastry by hand, the important thing is not to handle it too much so as not to heat it. Put the flour and butter in the mixer, operate the mixer for a few seconds,

biscuits_coated_ with_chocolate_Simple_Recipe
Cookies covered with chocolate

you will get a grainy flour. Add the eggs, salt, vanilla, grated lemon rind (I used dried powdered rind) and icing sugar.


Activate the mixer several times. It will be ready when the dough settles compactly all on one side.

Cookies covered with chocolate
Cookies covered with chocolate

If you see that the mixer is struggling in this operation, then take the dough from the mixer and quickly create a ball with your hands, at this point wrap the dough in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for at least half an hour.

Chocolate cookies
Cookies covered with chocolate

take the dough and cut a slice, roll it out on floured parchment paper, flour the rolling pin too, roll out the dough half a cm thick, also flour the pastry rings of the shape you prefer,

Cookies covered with chocolate

I used a star for the Christmas cookies, sprinkle the pastry ring with flour, press the mold on the dough and create your cookies, remove the excess dough and bake using the same baking paper as a base, removing the flour if still present. Bake for about 10-12 minutes at 170 ° the biscuits should be golden but not too much! Melt the dark chocolate cut into pieces in a bain-marie,

Chocolate cupcakes with warm heart
Cookies covered with chocolate

when it is completely melted with a teaspoon spread the chocolate on the biscuits and let the biscuits cool on parchment paper for at least an hour. If you want you can add the granulated sugar or colored sugars. Serve your chocolate-covered biscuits with tea or with a good hot cappuccino, dipping them in hot drinks the chocolate layer will just melt and the flavor will be even more intense. You can also give them at Christmas by putting them in a transparent cellophane bag

WINE PAIRING: Vin Santo, or Vin Brulè ... and for children (and not) ... hot chocolate with whipped cream!

In this blog for wine pairings I have consulted the site most often:

Cookies covered with chocolate

Cookies covered with chocolate

Enjoy your meal!


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